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Tonin Casa has a long history behind us: we started more than 40 years ago, from scratch, as we always say. The first step was to produce shoe racks. We wanted our products to be the best, in the Italian manufacturing environment, and for this we asked the most talented craftsmen to do what they do best: building impeccable furniture.

This goal, our main desire, led us to our modern production, in the nineties. We called designers and architects, people whose strength was an extraordinary creativity. We wanted a new wave to shape Italian tradition. It was complex and exciting, and made us grow; he taught us what we needed, to create products full of energy and empathy, products designed to be an integral part of the life of those who own them, forever.

To do this, we built our home: a production center located in our region, designed to allow our employees to work and think as freely and openly as possible; two sales departments, in continuous challenge to provide the best service; a Contract division, to create customized projects; a division Technique and Style, to form new concepts, and to develop your Corner Total Look; a Marketing division, to show the world that creativity is not confined to the production of objects.

The place where we work, shows who we are. This is us, until now. And we never want to stop improving.

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