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Telling GoldenNight means telling the entrepreneurial adventure of an Italian family with a passion for well-made things. A healthy and genuine passion, made of the desire to emerge and the desire to show the world unique craftsmanship.
It all started in 1985, in Altamura in the heart of Puglia, where Carlo Conte founds Tecnoimbottiti. A company created for the production of expanded polyurethanes and raw materials for the upholstery sector (polyester, polystyrene, goose feathers, etc.) which in a few years has established itself on the market. In addition to being the main supplier of leading Italian companies in the production of sofas, beds and mattresses, over time it is able to increase its clientele by creating specific products for the nautical and contract world. Technical and managerial skills and a careful selection of specialized personnel in charge of production, make Tecnoimbottiti stand out with a transversal and excellent quality level, accompanied by an extreme production efficiency able to fully satisfy the demands of different industrial sectors , increasingly oriented towards "just in time".
A thirty-year adventure in continuous evolution thanks to the son of Carlo Conte, Ferdinando who in 2012 created the GoldenNight brand, now present in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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