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  • 101 Copenaghen

    101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create a world of beautiful lighting and accessories of exquisite craftsmanship, quality and timeless design for Scandinavian living. With a passion for materials and refined textures combined with our design aesthetic and an organic, calm color scheme, we are proud to present a collection filled with must-have novelties and timeless classics.

    The 101 Copenhagen Design House carefully curates and design objects for Scandinavian living. The creative drive is centered in a fusion of the Scandinavian design tradition influenced by the timeless Japanese approach to material and techniques. The objects designed reflects the symbioses of design traditions whilst also featuring unique embedded stories, symbols and associations expressed in a minimalist idiom. The design approach is notably holistic, the work process is dynamic and characterized by freedom of expression, which creates unique and timeless pieces.  

  • Adriani&Rossi

    In 1990, Adriani and Rossi began to design and produce objects, initially for merchandising in the furniture industry and then transforms into distribution company in Italy and abroad. Only company in the world that produces "Total Look", or any material, glass, ceramic, wood, rugs, lamps, paintings, metal in the same style, all strictly "Made in Italy or Europe", under the direct control of Adriani&Rossi.

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  • Agarèn

    Agarèn - the sign

      is the new brand that offers furnishing ideas for contemporary living through refined art revelations related to Caltagirone ceramics, objects that combine history and design.

    The ceramic dark brown heads, a passionate tribute to the beauties of Ancient Sicily and Sicilian life, draw inspiration from a legend of love and jealousy set during the Arab domination in Sicily. The history of Agarèn originates in the city of Caltagirone, it is here that master craftsmen establish themselves as the most important producers of Moro heads. The extreme attention to detail and detail becomes the company's strength.

  • AK 47

    Ak47 is the reference company for those looking for the best of outdoor braziers, garden furniture accessories that represent the perfect synthesis of utility and design made in Italy. A reality today appreciated by lovers of style all over the world, sensitive to the perfect blend of simplicity and value, represented by the combination of minds and bodies that gather around a creeping, warm, and comforting fire.

  • Alf DaFrè

    Alf Group is now a reality among the most important on the international furniture. Protagonist of an entrepreneurial venture of great success, the company has made continuous search for quality its mission, renewing their proposals forever to better interpret the lifestyles and the most contemporary trends.

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  • Alivar

    Alivar The environment has a precise taste, it is a work in progress, not related to the individual product, but to the overall proposal.Two collections, Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle, for contemporary living, which does not forget the past while looking to the future.

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  • Amini

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  • Anglepoise

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  • Archilab

    The great Masters of Industrial Design have tried to make the home livable for modern man by using industrial technology, standardization, mass production of chairs. With the passing of the years their creations became more and more appreciated and today they are considered by the technicians of the sector and by the historians of the art as one of the symbols of the modern era.

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  • Arketipo

    Arketipo, a brand that becomes the symbol of a lifestyle focused on a high-level target. It 'a living easy chic furnishing where culture, heritage and functionality blend with refinement. Quality manufacturing and design come together and give rise to unique and exclusive products.

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  • Aromas Del Campo

    AROMAS DEL CAMPO is a company founded in Valencia in 1986 for manufacturing and distribution of flowers potpourris and aromatic products, hence its name. The manufacture of small glass lamps filled with dried flowers represented our initial steps in the lighting industry. Nowadays our business is fully dedicated to lighting systems with a broad range of products specifically focused on design and avant-garde. Currently, AROMAS DEL CAMPO is based in Llíria (Valencia) with about 2,500 m2 of office spaces and warehouse area where the production and distribution is organized for national and international markets. We have an experienced and qualified staff to meet the needs of our customers in an individualized and timeefficient way. We also have an extensive sales network covering all of Spain. Each year we attend numerous trade fairs where we present our collections and innovations. We look forward to meeting you in short and introduce to you our wide range of lighting solutions.

  • Artemide

    The Artemide Lamps are considered internationally of the contemporary design icons: they are exhibited in major museums of modern art and design collections in the world (MoMA - New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum - London, National Museum of Science and technology - Milan, National Gallery of Modern Art - Rome, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou etc.)

  • Atipico

    Atypical - design for living is a small revolution made in Italy in the name of design. A path out of the routine for small and large everyday objects.

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  • Axo light

    Axo Light is a lighting and designer lamps of the most dynamic of the rich and complex world of Made in Italy. Born in 1996 in the Venetian hinterland, the company has from the outset combine the Italian passion for design and the strong international vocation, and soon became one of the leading
    nel'illuminazione Decorative high-end.

    By partnering with top designers, he has created two lines with which it is able to offer solutions to 360 °: decorative Axo Light line, which also includes technical / emotional products with LED light source and the line for the contract Lightecture.

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  • Barovier&Toso

    Barovier & Toso is a Murano glass company. The business activity of the Barovier family began in the mid-13th century and is therefore the sixth oldest family business in the world still in business. Like Brothers, Barovier was re-founded in 1878, thus becoming Barovier Artists. In 1942, with the merger with the F.lli Toso glassworks, it took its current name.

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  • Bartolomeo Italian Design

    Sofas entirely Made in Italy designed to best enjoy your space for relaxation or leisure.
    Choose among the many models the one that best meets your needs.
    We produce high-quality upholstery in constant compliance with the parameters for a top-quality realization.
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  • Berkel

    After more than 100 years of history, the Berkel name is still synonymous with perfection, reliability, innovation and durability. A set of values ​​handed down with pride and shared every day by those who become part of this world. Because Berkel is not just a brand, but a lifestyle, a passion. It is dedication to elegance and quality. Berkel is love for beautiful things, for unique things. The search for perfection translates into an obsessive attention to detail, which is achieved only thanks to a production that is still entirely handmade today. The high precision mechanical technique enhances the quality of the cut product and merges into the beauty and extraordinary stage presence of the Berkel slicers.

  • Bonaldo

    The collection of Bonaldo expresses a modernity that is constantly becoming, a path that attaches value to experimenting with new materials and collaboration with major national and international designers. Over eighty years of history, to realize objects that become individual memory.

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  • Bosa

    It is in 1976 that Italo Bosa started its production of ceramics following the ancient techniques for objects made entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich palette of colors, decorated with precious metals-gold, platinum, copper-and enamels with ambient tones created by ' company. precise techniques that are still at the base of the production of Bosa and give the uniqueness of objects, quality and recognizability.

    The objects and the ceramic furnishings created in Bosa house, in addition to expressing all the knowledge of the artisan craft, transmit that incessant possibility of ceramics experimentation that has among its objectives the transformation of formal and functional practices in new interpretations, new functions, and fantastic worlds, mission that Italo Bosa has been able to transfer to Francesca and Daniela daughters, his wife and all their collaborators.

    What makes Bosa, making it a leader in the field of ceramic design in Italy and in the world, it is the doing of research and innovation of the company's strengths, so as to be able to carry out projects almost impossible because of the difficulty of the molds and the dimensions over which highlight the special tendency of the founder to share adventures with project designers, mostly young people from European backgrounds, experimenters of new languages, which have helped to define the high brand positioning Bosa.

    From the initial collaboration with Marco Zanuso Jr. and the established relationship with the Palomba-Serafini study, Bosa has established friendly business relationships with Satyendra Pakhalé, Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Manolo Bossi, Gualtiero Sacchi, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto and a particular feeling with Jaime Hayon, creator of so many joyful universes. Equally important is to consider partnerships with leading companies such as Minotti, Moroso, B & B Italy, Baccarat and personalized supplies for Ferrari, Escada, DeBeers and others.

    Bosa is currently present in over 50 countries around the world, not only for its reputation, brand image and identity of the products, but also through the implementation of a detailed marketing strategy that allows the company to supervise different market niches with a wide range. Distribution so thoroughly resolved it also benefits from the substantial presence of works of art design in the most prestigious international museums, through thematic exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and bookshop that give the company a continuous and beneficial visibility.

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  • Bover

    In 1996 Joana Bover founded BOVER in Barcelona. After 20 years of market development, what began as a sketch on a napkin for an architect friend’s project has evolved and grown to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States and a presence in countries worldwide.

  • Brokis

    The Brokis company range includes both modern and functional lights and decorative objects as well as unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. Thanks to the large internal production capacities, which can draw on a tradition of over two thousand years, Brokis has space to experiment and develop innovative materials, techniques and technologies and can thus offer customized lighting solutions.

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  • Cattelan Italia

    Cattelan Italia founded in 1979 from an idea by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. The philosophy that inspires the whole collection is to produce cozy objects in form and substance. Perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Because the house is a symbol of expensive things. - A world where everyone is around the cozy elements in form and substance.

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  • Cerasa Bagni

    The Cerasa collections are suitable to satisfy the most different styles of living, they adapt to the style of the house and its inhabitants, like a dress sewn by an expert and careful tailor:
    from contemporary and modern style to minimal, from classic and country, to shabby chic and vintage.

  • Colico

    Experience, tradition and expertise combine with the research and use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials with a special focus on environmental sustainability. Continuous research and consistent investments guarantee a high quality production that can offer functional and innovative products in perfect balance between the past and the future.

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  • Connubia

    Connubia is the line dedicated to the "fundamentals" of the home: tables and chairs, brought to the highest level of depth of range. The name comes from the Latin "conubium" (marriage, marriage). It expresses the natural link between the products and the company and their merging into an original and inimitable union.

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  • Conte

    It is 1986 when Carlo Conte puts all his know-how, his audacity, his technical knowledge into four soft corners and transforms them into the largest industrial group in the processing of raw materials for comfort and rest.

    Thus begins the entrepreneurial dream of the Conte group.
    As the company grows, two brands are born, GoldenNight and Conte Bed, synonymous with comfort and quality at an international level and leader, in the production of mattresses and beds of the highest quality with over 40,000 square meters of production area, able to make up to 600 mattresses a day, more than 70 employees and 2 showrooms of over 1,000 square meters.
    The years pass and next to Mr. Count begins to walk his son, Ferdinand. Father and son are synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation.
    Together, they bring the Made in Italy of their brands to become a guarantee of the highest manufacturing quality. Both are passionate and tireless, because being a leader does not only mean being able to drive, it also means and above all being able to encourage the individual's ability to become part of a bigger project, shared, felt because the Conte group before a company is a family.

  • Covo

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  • Davide Groppi

    It all started in a small laboratory in the historical centre of the Italian town of Piacenza during the late 1980s.

    Davide Groppi was inventing and producing his first lamps and decided simply to use his own name for the name of the company.
    Creative independence and passionate, unconventional management have allowed him, over time, to learn and develop his own brand of original and unique products, currently distributed the world over.
    Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and creative invention are the fundamental components of each lamp or lighting project designed by Davide Groppi.
    Davide Groppi creations are never conceived as just lights or lamps. They come about through the need to give life to something that is necessary or significant.
    Some of the things that inspire these ideas are works of art, ready made objects, magic, the desire to make things with his hands or simply the urge to play and have fun with light.
    Light in the hands of Davide Groppi is a wonderful way to seduce and excite.
    Hi has always worked with a faithful group of collaborators who share his vision and help him to develop ideas and bring them to fruition.
    Over the course of many years of experience, Davide Groppi has developed various products and shows in collaboration with companies specialising in design such as De Padova, Boffi, Paola Lenti and Christofle.
    There have also been many international projects the world over, including the illumination of houses, stores and museums. Davide Groppi has been particularly active in the area of hospitality (hotels and restaurants).
    Some of the most famous chefs in the world have chosen lighting solutions by Davide Groppi for their venues, including Massimo Bottura, Massimiliano Alajmo, Moreno Cedroni and Giancarlo Perbellini.
    Davide Groppi has also been recognised for excellence by the press and received prestigious awards for his lighting creations, including the Edida Award in 2011 for the Sampei lamp,
    the Design Plus Award in 2014 for the Neuro lamp, as well as two awards at the 23rd edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards for the Nulla lamp and for the Sampei lamp, and the ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention of Honour upon our rechargeable lamp Tetatet in 2016.

    The ADI Compasso d’Oro Award is considered the oldest and most prestigious recognition for design in the world.

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  • De Majo

    Since 1947 DE MAJO has been the interpreter and keeper of ancient Murano glass processing techniques. The past and the future coexist in an original dimension where the preservation of timeless elegance meets the continuous search for new expressive languages ​​and the skilled workers of the glass masters who shape and shape the creative flair of designers and planners.

    At DE MAJO, technological innovation marries authentic artistic creativity capable of responding with functional solutions to real needs without sacrificing the aesthetic taste that has always characterized the corporate vocation. Experience and passion, research and unmistakable style blend with the high quality of the materials carefully identified to allow us to anticipate and interpret different needs, customizing the product down to the smallest details.

    The decidedly hybrid character in the lighting panorama has made the company a reliable interlocutor both for the needs of contemporary design and the more classic one in Murano glass. However, there is no lack of infinite contaminations between the two stylistic cuts and the reinterpretations of the expressive language: elements that best express the versatility and company know-how.

    The company is in fact characterized by a set of highly specialized and interconnected departments that assist architects by offering a professional contribution at all stages of the process: from the conception and development of the project to, where required, on-site assembly.

    Partner of choice in more than 90 countries around the world thanks to the ability to provide flexibility, fast solutions and targeted responses, consultancy and assistance in all phases of the project. The wide range of lamps and luminous bodies of both industrial and fully customizable production allows you to find the ideal solution for multiple furnishing and style contexts in a single company.

  • Désirée

    Désirée, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968, is headquartered in Tezze di Piave, near Treviso, land that in recent decades has experienced an extraordinary industrial growth so as to represent, together with the entire Northeast, an example of the development model of the most significant in the world. Since 1995 is part of the Désirée Euromobil Group which also includes Euromobil kitchens and furniture Zalf. Each company has retained its autonomous physiognomy and its specific know-how, but between them has developed an exchange of experience both in technology and on that ground the methods of management and product distribution.

    The Désirée products have a more open language to the changes and needs of contemporary living. They cater to a user that in addition to quality of materials and comfort, formal search values and solutions for different uses and living spaces, large or small, of strong personality.

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  • Devina Nais

    Devina Nais tells different lifestyles to live your home with creativity.
    To create and make furniture, transforming high quality craftsmanship and design into values within everyone's reach.

    The furniture through different styles and numerous finishes are able to give personality both to a majestic and classic furniture and to an environment with an essential and modern design.
    Whatever your style, it will not be difficult to fall in love with wood and leather once you discover the incredible potential that these timeless materials offer.
    It follows daily all the production phases starting from the raw material to guarantee a unique and quality product.

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