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2017, a year full of changes for Pallucco. Change is life, vision, strategy and it goes through the worlds in which Pallucco invests its design energies: light and home. Pallucco, moving away from the dominant styles, has always experimented with new solutions looking for particular shapes and objects with strong aesthetic content between art, architecture and design. "It takes the eyes of a sailor to see the shore beyond the horizon" ... these are the eyes with which Pallucco has traveled the streets of design since the '80s, identifying and choosing not what is simply fashion, but what it represents the trend of style. A careful approach, cultured and nonconformist, which has allowed the company to establish itself on the international scene since its foundation. Testifying this is the set-up in the spaces of Mattatoio di Milano (1987/1988/1989) and collaborations with Peter Lindbergh and Rei Kawakubo. The rigor and the urban minimalism are the cornerstones of Pallucco in the Nineties under the artistic direction of Hannes Wettstein, who designs one of his masterpieces for the company, the Continua bookcase, bringing the concept of technology as new to the forefront of the design world shape beyond aesthetics. The two thousand years are dedicated to decoration. The artistic direction of Jurgen Bey shifts the focus of Pallucco's attention to new forms and new formal languages. At the same time, the group of designers who produce and experiment new solutions is expanding, exploring the frontiers of contemporary design with the freedom of expression that is the most authentic signature of the Pallucco style.

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