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The carpet is not a simple piece of furniture: it is a culture that has been handed down for generations, with skilful gestures and refined techniques. With its shape it defines a physical space, but also a spiritual one, and through the nodes it tells an ancient and contemporary story, helping to enrich the private universe of those who own it with beauty and uniqueness. Not a small responsibility, of which the Mohebban family is fully aware. Since the early 1970s, Mohebban has been producing rugs of the highest quality, without forgetting these values ​​and the profound significance of a millenary art. From Iran, the family's place of origin, to Milan, the company's headquarters for more than half a century, passing through Turkey, India and Pakistan where production takes place today: an international vision for three generations, in which there is tradition, attention to detail, ancient gestures, always accompanied by a contemporary look, attentive to design and the challenges of a dynamic and constantly evolving present.

The contrast between a millenary technique and the contemporary design and pattern gives each Mohebban carpet its own aesthetic, but also symbolic uniqueness. The value of one of these rugs in fact is never separated from the history of its production. Starting from the selection and training of the best artisans, from superior quality materials (wool, silks or vegetable fibers), from spinning, dyeing and hand processing on the loom, up to the final stages of cutting, shaving, washing and drying: the process production makes each carpet unique, with its own personality and history different from any other.
With often more than 200,000 knots per square meter, an obsessive attention to quality and a constant dialogue between tradition, innovation and contemporary design, Mohebban rugs are able to harmoniously tie the threads of the past with those of the present and the future, in a balance perfect and full of value.

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