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List of products by manufacturer Gaber

Years of experience in the molding of plastic materials and in metal processing, have gained a superior technical level that stands out in the quality of our products. Our gaze is projected onto the world.

We constantly deal with the international market responding to the most varied needs with customized solutions
The roots in the tradition of Made in Italy testify to our ability to combine the most skilled craftsmanship with the most innovative technology. The project is the basis of everything. We believe in design that uses our technical skills to create unique, timeless products.
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Side panels

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  • 215,00 € Minimum order 4 pieces and multiples with the same finishes
    Lively and fun design for a pouf with two wide lapels, similar to the collar of a jacket, they indicate the starting point of the two hinges that, sliding along the entire perimeter of the object, allow you to detach the external perimeter covering or open it just enough to create a storage space for magazines and / or various objects.Always gray outer...
  • 242,00 € Minimum order 4 pieces and multiples with the same finishes
    Classic and authentic, elegant and finely crafted. Nuta is a collection of chairs made of technopolymer, with a refined and timeless style, suitable for prestigious installations.The refined details and exquisite lines of Nuta, harmoniously connected by Studio Favaretto, give a result that arouses wonder from the first impact.
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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