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The island of Murano, creating true masterpieces of glass art, thanks to skilled workshop Masters. For over a thousand years, a tradition with its ancient secrets, handed down from generation to generation, and that is not taught in any school, in short, a heritage of our country to be valued and to be defended. To silica (sand), is mixed soda to allow the fusion at lower temperatures and allows the glass to solidify more slowly. Often the metal oxides are used as coloring substances, for example copper for the colors green and blue, cobalt for the blue and the blue, manganese for the amethyst and the purple color, the pure gold to get the red ruby. The reverberatory furnace melts the raw materials at the temperature of about 1.400 °. The glass paste remains ductile and ready for modeling until the temperature of 500 °. Among the main techniques: the "Blown glass", obtained by using a blowpipe iron. Another very old technique is the "Murrina": consists in the fusion of monochromatic tiles or of cane polychrome glass sections according to a planned design, so as to obtain a colored vitreous tissue. And finally the "solid glass": the technique is based on the hot sculpture of glass mass. The difficulties in modeling of heavy glowing glass masses are remarkable and that is why today, the rare and appreciated Murano masters, maintain a high level of age-old reputation of this unique art in the world.

We design and manufacture with great attention to materials, design and appearance customization requests and sizes made by our customers. Our company is like a tailor's shop, where customers can choose from a wide range of finishes and essences. Contemporary and tailoring: a perfect combination. Italian craftsmanship, with qualities of thought, feeling for contemporary design, the maniacal attention to detail and traditional manual skills of the most sought after "cabinet", a mixture that the company has been able to translate into new timeless interpretations.

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