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Advice from our designers: how to furnish the entrance

Advice from our designers: how to furnish the entrance

The entrance to the house is the first environment you experience upon entering the house, therefore it must be paid attention to style, furnishings and colors, because it is the business card of our home

We must therefore dedicate ourselves carefully to this environment, with the same dedication with which we furnish the kitchen or bedroom.

Usually small, narrow, dark, but with direct access to the living room, we have to furnish it to match the living area.

Surely the first step is to carefully observe this space, measure it, check if there are niches or windows on the walls and then understand if they are to be enhanced or camouflaged

This first step also allows us to understand which useful spaces you have available for furnishings.

After studying the spaces, now we have to dedicate ourselves to the practicality of the environment, the entrance is a passage area and it is above all the first area of ​​the house, the one where, as soon as you arrive home, you want to place bags, keys , correspondence, coats, and at the same time, when you leave the house, it is the area where you film everything before leaving

The entrance must therefore be practical, have spaces dedicated to these objects, but which must not give an idea of ​​disorder, because the entrance is above all "welcome"

So, how do we furnish it? do we decorate?

This environment is usually devoid of natural lighting, so we must create light using light colors on the walls and lights that allow the right lighting.

The mirror, which allows us to take a last look before going out, is preferable to place it on the side wall and not on the one in front of the door

In addition to an absolutely personal use, the mirror also helps us optically to enlarge the environment.

mirror Cattelan Italia Hawaii

Instead the outerwear, we can hang them inside a coat or hung on a hanger, like the two proposals below

Wardrobe Poker AlfdaFrè

Tonin Casa Wood coat hanger

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