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New Brand: Daqi Concept

New Brand: Daqi Concept

In Chinese, the name DAQI means "taking time to grow up," which emphasizes that the best things in life require special levels of experience and decoration. For us design is a process of continuous experimentation and revision, trying and testing, mixing old ideas into new concepts. We combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create beautiful things for a modern lifestyle.

The company's best-seller is the Jingoo speaker

HOW DOES IT WORK? Jingoo is a speaker that can be easily paired via Bluetooth with your devices. Its high quality sound performance is created by the tweeter and woofer drivers. Jingoo is equipped with a 2-way mono speaker, the low frequency woofer speaker is placed in the base structure, and its sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird. A large stereo effect is created with the sound waves from the tweeter located in the bird's body.

Advanced audio performance To optimize the sound quality in all frequency ranges, JG01 not only incorporated a tweeter to enhance the high frequency sound performance, but was also designed with a 1800Hz crossover frequency to filter all frequencies below the woofer and everything above the tweeter. By doing so, the interference between the overlap of the tweeter and the woofer is avoided and allows each of them to give their best

With easy operation it is suitable for all ages, a standard USB port allows you to recharge the battery, a light regulator allows you to select the desired brightness and finally a general on / off switch turns the device on or off

So let's discover some models of the collection:

Jingoo White Phoenix

Jingoo L'oiseau Bleu

Jingoo Cherry Blossom

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