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Focus on: sideboard

Focus on: sideboard

The sideboard is a low, compact piece of furniture and almost never has open compartments, it is usually of a geometric shape, especially square. Today modern sideboards have multiple designs and are ideal for giving new light to the most diverse rooms. Traditionally they are part of the dining area furnishings but can be used perfectly for the living area and living room, for the entrance to the house, but also for the study or bathroom.

Why buy a sideboard?

A sideboard with a contemporary design and modern workmanship is:

• comfortable and space-saving, easy to fit into even the smallest rooms;

• easy to combine with other furniture in shape, color and mood thanks to the endless proposals on the market;

• useful for arranging various objects;

• ideal for adding that extra something to any room in the house;

• perfect for decorating any environment thanks to its versatility, as a TV or hall cabinet for example;

• available in the most varied styles, colors, finishes and sizes;

• ideal for leaving space on the walls allowing you to hang various decorations easily;

• also perfect next to walls with large windows.

Surely the sideboard is today a piece of furniture capable of characterizing the most diverse rooms with style and uniqueness. Thanks to its regular shapes and its large storage space it becomes a design must have that can be combined with the most varied styles. There are many versions on the market today, but we always recommend opting for the more solid ones, made with glues, non-toxic paint material. Let's see the trendiest models of the moment.

The minimal sideboards

By minimal sideboard we mean a piece of furniture, both low and slightly higher, with linear, simple shapes. These versions are easy to combine and, depending on the finish and material chosen, can be well suited to the most varied furnishing styles. Often the compartments and doors are invisible and even the complement is easy to camouflage.

Riflessi Essenzia sideboard

Modern low cupboards

The modern low sideboard also has a simple square shape and is perfect above all as a TV cabinet. Not only that, some design models, even very particular ones, lend themselves well to a vintage context or to other more bizarre and eclectic ones. Often these versions also have visible and slender support feet that furnish in turn with their allure.

TV stand Cattelan Italia Seneca

The wooden cupboards

Of all the most popular pieces of furniture, the wooden sideboards undoubtedly stand out, both raw and painted. This happens because the mood is very classic, easy to combine and to insert in the most varied contexts. They are cupboards that do not tire and that can take on a different hermetic charm based on the context in which they are inserted.


Arketipo Bolide sideboard

The lacquered sideboards

The lacquered sideboard, built in wood or other material, has a glossy finish that makes it very modern. It combines perfectly with other furniture with the same finish and this treatment makes it stain-resistant and easy to clean. A product of this kind is also ideal in the bathroom, kitchen or children's room.

Sideboard Bonaldo Sunrise

Sideboards with metal doors

Equally contemporary are the sideboards with metal doors. They are doors covered with metal foil that gives parts of them or the entire structure a raw and modern allure. The sideboard thus created also looks good in industrial contexts and underlines and emphasizes its current being.

Riflessi Cubric sideboard

How to choose the right sideboard

To choose the right sideboard you will need to ask yourself a few questions. In particular, as is the case for the selection of other medium-large furnishings, it is good to evaluate different variables. Below we have listed the main features to look into for an optimal choice. To choose the perfect sideboard it is essential:

• view the space available and focus on ad hoc models;

• prefer the style of the entire room or the furniture that is already present in this;

• orient yourself on cupboards that meet your internal space and utility needs;

• prefer quality models.

Where to place the sideboard: furnishing ideas

The modern sideboard is really essential, especially for those who always need space and want to keep everything in order. This piece of furniture offers the advantage of keeping everything inside, avoiding the accumulation of dust. Moreover, thanks to its regular shape it is also easy to dust and clean. But where to place the cupboard? Here you will find some style tips, real furnishing ideas stolen from interior designers for the occasion.

The cupboard as an entrance furniture

To accommodate shoes, dry umbrellas, hats, or even various accessories for the home, the sideboard is ideal at the entrance. If you choose it low, you can put clothes hooks and an ad hoc light point on the wall above.

The cupboard in the kitchen and dining room

The cupboard was created to be in the dining room or kitchen. Here you can store dishes, crockery, tablecloths, napkins and even pantry products inside.

The cupboard in the living room

In the living room the sideboard can act as the TV cabinet if chosen in the low version. Alternatively, it can accommodate a lamp, an old record player, various furnishings and, if higher, it can also accommodate discs, vases, pears, flowers, liqueurs, etc.

The cupboard in the bedroom

In the double bedroom, the modern sideboard can become a TV stand or stand at the foot of the bed and contain blankets, plaids and sets. If there is little space like in the attics, the sideboard will also become a real mini wardrobe. In the children's room it will be ideal for storing books, objects for sports, for music, etc.

The cupboard in the bathroom

In a medium-large bathroom, the sideboard will become the focal point of the furniture, so better an original model or in any case capable of getting noticed. It is important to choose a reduced that is resistant to thermal jumps and humidity.

The cupboard in the study

Finally, the modern sideboard will also be perfect in the study or in the corner for smart working. If low, it will accommodate archival documents, invoices, in-depth books, etc. If high, it will become a real contemporary filing cabinet, welcoming and with a familiar mood.

Renovating the rooms in your home is really easy with a sideboard, the important thing is to choose the right model and always prefer quality and Made in Italy ones.

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