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Focus on: bookcase

Focus on: bookcase

A bookcase in a room furnishes with elegance and refinement , especially if you use a bookcase with a purely display style and not just containment.

For a refined aesthetic result, we must therefore consider the elements to be included in the library.

Therefore, we must not simply keep it in order, but we must make it focus of the house, arranging books, valuable pieces inside.

Bookcase Cattelan Italia Airport

Bookcase Arketipo Electra

How to make your library nice and tidy

You have finally bought and you already have the bookcase at home, full of spaces, with a large and light structure, now the question you ask yourself will be "how do I fill it in order to make it elegant and refined?

In order not to be mistaken, it is possible to follow a series of fixed parameters, to be modulated according to your budget, style and space needs.

Here are 4 tips to follow

  • Do not overfill the compartments : Modern bookcases are structured with a rather wide subdivision, which creates numerous areas in which to store your objects.
    The suggestion is not to exaggerate at all with the elements, creating alternating empty and full areas.
  • Play with heights : a winning choice in terms of the purely aesthetic furniture of the bookcase involves the use of vases, which however perform best if they have a different shape and width.
    You can therefore insert more than one element in the same space, the important thing is that it is not a flat composition but dynamic and pleasant
  • Creating geometric references : since modern furniture is extremely clean as lines and shapes, it is interesting to create geometric solutions inside, both using such details and positioning the elements not randomly . This will create in the eye of the beholder an idea of ​​order and rigor which will benefit the entire room
  • Match the colors carefully : when it comes to a furnished bookcase it is very important that the tones chosen for the elements that occupy it are perfectly in line with the style of the house. This does not mean that it is not possible to create contrasts, but that they must be perfectly balanced and dosed to avoid being excessive. If you are unsure, follow the mood of the rest of the furniture and textiles. Focus on neutral or always current colors, such as gray, white, black and taupe. In this way you will not risk that the structure goes into the background and lose part of its focus function

Bookcase Tonin Casa Osuna

Bookcase Mogg Antologia

Bookcase Cattelan Arsenal

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