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Tips from our designers: 5 tips for decorating the bedroom

Tips from our designers: 5 tips for decorating the bedroom

The bedroom must be the most relaxing environment in the house, but above all functional.

This is the room dedicated to rest, an intimate, private environment that we keep reserved only for us.

So I will list you 5 tips that can help you design and furnish your room in the best possible way.

1 Design

First of all, an excellent survey will allow us to understand the useful spaces we have available, let's remember, for example, to consider the position of the heated towel rail, or the opening of the window.

Below you can see a design prototype

To position the bed, let's start with the minimum measurements. Around the bed (on three sides) it is advisable to leave a distance of 80-70 cm and in any case not go down, if possible, below 60 cm. If you want to place the wardrobe in front of or next to the bed, you will need to measure the open door plus the depth of the cabinet and add at least 40-50 cm to move easily. You can always use sliding doors if space is tight. The same reasoning should be done if you have French windows.

The wardrobe takes up significant space in the room. The ideal would be to reserve the longest wall for him, in order to have more capacity to contain and therefore, keep order in the house. Where feasible, a walk-in closet can also be created.

Once you have identified the rest area and the position of the wardrobe, the next step will be to study, if the size of the room allows it, where to place a dresser or an armchair, a bench or a pouf or as we have recently learned, a workspace with a desk.

2 Colors

As mentioned previously, the bedroom is synonymous with relaxation, so particular attention must be paid to the use of colors.

Remember that the more comfortable you are in the room, the better rest you will have.

Neutral colors are the best choice: white, beige, light gray, dove gray. Once you have chosen the base color, you don't have to give up a note of contrasting color.

You can use the wall behind the bed as a contrasting note of the environment, so you can choose a contrasting color, wallpaper, a boiserie effect, free rein in that wall.

To give a touch of style to the bedroom, reserve the color for some accent notes, for example for the bedspread or duvet cover, for decorative pillows or for those blankets or throws that we put at the foot of the bed as a detail additional.

La parete scura contrasta l'ampia superficie vetrata. 

The dark wall contrasts the large glazed surface. Cattelan Italia Nelson bed

3 Bed

Companies have thousands of beds and choosing isn't always easy.

In a small room it is not recommended to choose a bed with a large headboard, minimal and simple lines are certainly your allies to better furnish the environment.

In a large room, on the other hand, you can choose an imposing headboard that furnishes the whole room thanks to its size.

Also remember that there are also beds with storage boxes on sale, convenient for storing inside the change of season, especially ideal in homes with few storage spaces.

The bed with feet, on the other hand, highlights its aesthetics, it almost seems to float in the air.

Letto Bonaldo Full Moon

Desiree Shellon bed with storage box

4 Bedside table

The new trends propose a coffee table used as a bedside table, but we know that we tend to fill the support surface with everything: books, jewels, smartphones, watches.

I therefore recommend choosing a bedside table with drawers, easy to organize and simple to fill.

If the room is small, you can also choose a small shelf

Scandinavian trends even suggest using a small wooden stool.

Pianca Dedalo bedside table with two drawers

5 Lighting

The artificial lighting to be preferred in the bedroom is the soft one, at a warm temperature, it relaxes the eyes and helps to relax.

Of course, natural lighting is perfect for sweet awakenings, to warm the atmosphere.

Particular attention should be paid to the lights of the bedside tables, they must never disturb the sleep of the partner, therefore also in this case, soft lights, almost dim, to ensure a sweet sleep for those who are with us.

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