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New Brand: Opinion Ciatti

New Brand: Opinion Ciatti

Opinion Ciatti is a young company with years of experience. It is the Ciatti family that has been taking care of it since the 1950s. Create tables, chairs and containers, but also lamps and small accessories; both for private and contract spaces. Intense and expressive objects, with a high communicative power and an identity character, witnesses of research and passion that are from Lapo Ciatti today and that belonged to his grandfather Rolando some time ago. Products in the catalog, unique pieces with a strong character, made-to-measure projects: expressions of a design that wants to be a testing ground and a laboratory of shapes. Of objects that can be functional without forgetting to give emotions. Objects capable of telling stories, sometimes parallel, sometimes divergent, but linked by a single thread.
Unique stories, designed and lived in Florence. For a way of living and living 100% made in Italy.

"A design object must always
tell a story ... make people smile, excite,,
without forgetting to be functional.
Innovative but with roots that come from afar,
just so it will last over time."


Here are three best selling products of the company:

Coathanger Lacima3
A rope to hang using specific hooks on the wall, which thanks to three rings turns into a coat hanger that is as original as it is functional. A furnishing accessory in which the shape becomes the protagonist without sacrificing ease of use, capable indeed of transforming, like all true design objects, a daily action into an unforgettable experience.
Bookshelf Ptolomeo
Original Ptolomeo is a container that hides its shape to privilege its own content, eliminates the "superfluous" to highlight the essential, or the books. The bookcase looks like a simple metal column to which thin metal shelves are joined. Shelves that disappear as the column fills with books.
Bottle holder Ptolomeo
Born from the designs left by Bruno Rainaldi, Ptolomeo Vino is a metal column which is combined with a system of housings designed to contain the most varied types of wine bottles. The supports have been designed to be as imperceptible as possible and therefore give the feeling of being in front of "suspended" bottles.
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