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New Brand: Berkel

New Brand: Berkel

Berkel means excellence for all professionals in the sector. Designed to ensure maximum reliability and precision, the Professionals employ innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Details designed ad hoc to obtain the highest level of safety and minimize waste. Berkel's excellence passes above all through the protection of its customers.

Since 1898 the historic red flywheels tell a craft tradition made of strength, passion and mechanical precision, which fascinates and amazes in its elegance.

Volano P15

The new flywheel slicer model P15, reproduces the historical model P of the 40s and revives the perfection of the cut, the uniqueness of the craftsmanship, elegance, tradition. Berkel rewrites his story.

Berkel rewrites its history through this 40s manual slicer equipped with a 285 mm diameter blade and a flowery flywheel with a unique and unmistakable style. The vintage flywheel slicer has the smallest footprint and is available in black or red

Volano B114

Delicatessen slicer made of painted aluminum, with stainless steel and chromed details. Equipped with NFC tag for certificate of authenticity, it is ideal for intensive use and allows you to obtain thin and uniform slices without crumbling the product. Slicer with flowered flywheel and 319 mm diameter blade with thickness adjustment.

Home Line HL200

The originality of Home Line lies in the innovative design: essential and rounded lines define an almost futuristic silhouette, enhanced by the unmistakable Berkel red. Designed to amaze and fascinate but above all to be exhibited, in its extraordinarily compact dimensions, materials and safety equipment and cutting quality inherited from the professional world are concentrated.

Berkel brings with it all the charm of history, enters homes and today becomes a dream for everyone. Designers and architects want it in kitchens and living rooms, an unmistakable piece of furniture, immersed in a warm and traditional environment or irresistible vintage contrast in a modern context. The Berkel image feeds and transforms itself through history. It maintains the values ​​that made it unique, replicating them on cutting-edge solutions that meet the new needs of its admirers. Performance, ease of use and cleaning increase, because innovation also means ensuring simplicity and efficiency. Modern lines, compact dimensions and bright colors, is the innovative design by Berkel.

Bartolomeo Italian Design has decided to offer all its top quality Berkel products to its demanding customers.

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