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Decor Ideas: Bonaldo night

Decor Ideas: Bonaldo night

Today's furniture proposal is dedicated to the sleeping area of Bonaldo, a very Italian brand that collaborates with the best designers.

Bed Saddle

The headboard and the bed frame are the distinctive elements of Saddle bed: folding back on themselves, they recall the shape of a saddle; hence the name of the upholstered family designed by Giuseppe
Viganò. To characterize the headboard, the quilting signs and the precious leather insert, also used in the bed frame that allows a singular play of materials and combinations.
The shape of the Parentesi bedside table recalls a niche, a parenthesis that encloses two wooden shelves inside.
The Parentesi bedside table is upholstered in fabric and is characterized by a style
simple, enriched by four buttons highlighted at the height of the shelves and equipped with a functional cable outlet, which allows you to place lamps or electronic devices on the bedside table.
Anemone has the shape of a tree composed of six different branches that open upwards and outwards starting from a sturdy trunk that gives stability to the figure. The Anemone coat hanger wants to go beyond simple form and functionality and also focuses on the material aspect, in line with the attention that Bonaldo has always paid to materials and finishes.
The Saddle armchair is characterized by tailoring and attention to detail that emerges above all in the particular contrast between the upholstery and the leather insert inside the armrests.
Saddle, which evokes the shape of a saddle, has a graceful silhouette, made soft by the padding and contemporary thanks to the inclined metal feet that lighten the figure.
The concept behind the Lake mirrors is the overlapping of different layers that visually create an object with a strong decorative component. The first band, the one that occupies the most space, is made up of the mirror; a central metal band is superimposed on this (bronze painted or lead painted), while the lower band is made of glass in the same finish as the metal.
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