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Tips from our designers: modern bedroom

Tips from our designers: modern bedroom

A much loved furniture trend right now is the modern style, with its rigorous, essential and clean lines.

Definitely the choice of color, is the starting point that start the inspiration. The must colors are certainly white and its warmer shades, suitable for floors and walls, which combine well with warm, neutral and elegant grays.

So forget bright walls, blue and red, the modern is surrounded by bright but restful and above all neutral colors.

The liveliness is reserved only as a small element of contrast, which stands out well on a mono tone environment.

Precisely this neutral setting allows a mix & match of sure success with the industrial style, therefore the green light for iron, wood, cork and concrete.

If, on the other hand, you want to maintain an absolutely essential style, the successful choice will surely be glass, to be used also in furnishing accessories. Elegant and refined, absolutely minimal, it combines well with the modern bedroom

The modern bedroom is no longer seen as a place to sleep, but now it is a place to relax, read a book or carve out a small home office or vanity table. So the first question you need to ask yourself is: How will I use the bedroom?

Once the bed is positioned, we can choose a wall without openings to organize private corners that meet the needs of a make-up station rather than a study area, or a storage space for clothing and accessories.

Which bed to choose?

The modern bed can be entirely covered in fabric, leather, or have an absolutely light and minimal wooden structure, as the examples proposed below.

Wardrobe or walk-in closet?

The current trend includes the walk-in closet, functional and super organized, but also the new designs of the wardrobes adapt very well to the modern room: graphic cuts, mix of materials, LEDs, mirrors, make modern wardrobes large design canvases that enrich the walls

Which textiles?

Speaking of walls, we must pay particular attention to the curtains, in a neutral environment with light walls and floors, linen, cotton but also silk are perfect and also characterize the bed linen in solid colors.

How to light up?

Too intense and blinding lights are to be avoided, a soft, warm and delicate light is definitely to be preferred. Led hidden from the ceiling or the traditional central light point are both a good choice.

The current trend includes pendant lamps on the bedside tables, with a great scenic effect.

Also in this case, here are some proposals

Which complements to use?

The minimal and simple nightstands are ideal for this style, you can break the stiffness of the style by using two different bedside tables, such as a small coffee table and a traditional two-drawer bedside table.

Don't forget a mirror, a mute servant or a pouf that are the best allies in the bedroom

Here are some suggestions

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