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New Brand: Arketipo Firenze

New Brand: Arketipo Firenze

The word Arketipo derives from the ancient Greek ἀρχή (arkhē) - which means "principle", "origin" -, and τύπος (tỳpos), that is, "exemplary", "model". Such an evocative and ambitious name perfectly expresses the brand's mission: to transform ideas into original and "first" objects.

"Arketipo is something special. We have used all our strength day after day to become what we are today. Our relentless pursuit of perfection is reflected in what we do, in our passion, in our identity. Perfection is a path. not a point of arrival. We should be excited just during the journey and not just crossing the finish line, only in this way it is possible to see the product with different eyes, from another point of view. Perfection does not exist in the real world, we can only get close and this makes me proud, but even stronger is the emotion in seeing the signs of a truly handmade design, a design that embodies a greater story than the final product that will ever be. We are obsessed with details, the absence of details is itself a detail and there is no precise rule to follow. It is something you feel, breathe, see and experience. " - Lorenzo Cattelan CEO

Here are the 5 best sellers:

Sofa Auto-reverse

Auto-Reverse arouses one of the most primitive but also most powerful emotions: joy. It is an innovative concept conceived by Giuseppe Viganò: to bring fashion into a furnishing product. In fact, Auto-Reverse is more than an elegant piece of furniture, as it allows you to play with shape and style

Bed Autoreverse Dream

Auto-Reverse Dream arouses different emotions: design and functionality, infinite possibilities and research and becomes a demonstration of how to obtain total comfort. The minimal structure, the hand-made upholstery, the reversible cushions and the unlimited opportunities to create something unique by playing with selected seams, hinges, colors and materials, this is what makes Auto-Reverse Dream a true design reality.

Armchair Jupiter

Armchair with fiberglass structure available in colors: light gray (RAL 7044) or beige gray (RAL 7006). Feet available in colors: micaceous brown or titanium.

Attention: the characteristic of handcrafted fiberglass is that it is not uniform; therefore the surface of the structure may show irregularities

Armchair Miss Malice

One look at Miss Malice and a classic, a little vintage design immediately comes to mind. It would be fair to say that she could have been seen in the 1960s or 1970s, somewhere on Madison Avenue, in an advertising office or in a neo-classical home. The thick, rounded, padded seat conveys a feeling of extreme comfort, while the slender metal legs show the refinement.

Floor lamp Blob

Enriched with intricate details and design motifs, Blob is the neoclassical lamp, suitable for modern environments. From the colored cables that join the stems giving personality, to the different possible finishes and colors that highlight its appeal, Blob is designed for the modern visionary.

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