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Designer: Giuseppe Viganò

Designer: Giuseppe Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò is dedicated to the industrial design of furniture products and the artistic direction of companies in the sector. As a designer he has a creative spirit and a strong sense of beauty, which he rediscovers and then rationalizes each time in the presence of a new project. Design research is the basis of his creative thinking that always pushes him towards new goals and "new material" often becomes a starting point for the conception not only of a product but of entire collections. The search for references that come from the world of art, fashion and poetry are often an opportunity to approach the project in a transversal way; many of the most renowned products were born from pictorial concepts or glamorous details, at other times it is poetic gestures that create intriguing shapes.

Armchair Arketipo Barracuda

Barracuda has a design that was inspired by performance and has been translated into a high-performance indoor product. It has a dynamic and robust metal structure that expresses a modern and slender style. It is designed with a material normally used for diving clothing, but here it has found a home in high-end interior furnishings.

While for the rest of the world the details are an addition, for Arketipo they are a strength and a discreet elegance.

Sofa Arketipo Harris
Every now and then we all need our space, a place of privacy where we can stop the chaos that surrounds us. Sometimes we find something that makes it possible: welcome Harris. A single glance tells you everything you need to know: a strong and defined style that accentuates the shapes by intensifying its design, but, above all, gives you the perception of your space, your privacy, your moment of relaxation. Being made as an elegant shell containing the seat cushions, this sofa becomes more of a refuge than you expect. It helps to ward off external noise and offers a moment of peace for you and your mind. A private space, a feature of comfort, design proves once again that what matters is understanding how we live and how we can improve our lives.
Sofa Arketipo Crazy Diamond
If there was a piece of furniture that could capture the revolutionary sounds of a Pink Floyd song, then Crazy Diamond might have morphed into a project we didn't even realize we had conceived. Very similar to the versatility of solo bands and hypnotizing percussion bands, this is a sofa that takes a different path than usual, in search of comfort and style. Characterized by a movement that allows two very different sitting positions, it stands out as a sofa that has managed to interpret the current way of life and in turn tunes any room that welcomes it to its own melody. The movements of the backrest are accompanied by the functionality of the armrest which offers numerous seating options, thus reaching you to float in pure comfort.
Sideboard Bonaldo Doppler K 
The asymmetrical opening of the doors represents a sign of originality, the doors are in ceramic and the structure, in white or black lacquered wood, is supported by a metal base: the originality of the shapes together with the rigor of the materials creates a result of power absolute.
Sideboard Bonaldo Shade
A graphic with a 70s flavor for the realization of this sideboard. The doors are characterized by a pattern that makes it an almost artistic object with which to furnish and decorate the living area or the sleeping area. To make the overall view lighter, Shade is raised from the floor thanks to a metal base and has elegantly rounded sides that soften its line. Thanks to the decorative design and the peculiar iridescent bottom of the doors, the Shade sideboard has an architectural design approach and is able to create original visual games wherever it is placed: from the living room to the entrance, from the study to the dining room. An element of sure impact, ideal for furnishing contemporary taste environments.
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