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Advice from our designers: bedside table and dresser

Advice from our designers: bedside table and dresser

The night group is made up of chest of drawers and bedside tables , identifying them as a "group" they are often combined with each other both in terms of materials and in design.

In recent years, this concept of "group" tends to be bypassed, combined with different bedside tables or dressers, using simple shelves or as bedside tables. tables .

Coffee table Cattelan Italia Rio , arranged asymmetrically, the trend of the moment that makes design even more sophisticated

How to combine the bedside tables with the bed

The bed and the bedside tables are an inseparable pair of furniture, have you ever seen a bed without bedside tables?

The comfort of the bedside table, and pardon the pun, is absolutely essential.

But how can you best match them?

The first thing to consider is the height of the bed , to better balance the height of the bedside table: subsequently, the dimensions in order to harmonize the whole, and certainly the design of the read.

Bed and nightstand must create a unique style

What are the right dimensions?

I am writing to you right away that there is no universal, standard size for everyone. The size obviously depends on both the room and the bed, so we have to consider how much space does the bed occupy and above all, how much free space do I have on my wall?

We are certain, the bedside tables must not "suffocate" the bed, so they must not be too big or too high compared to the bed

The companies offer bedside tables with sizes ranging from 35-70 cm in width and from 20 to 60 cm high

To help you better understand the right height, our reference point will be the height from the floor to the top of the mattress . You will therefore have to choose a bedside table that is similar to this height, in this way it will be easy for you to be able to take the things resting on the bedside table, remaining lying on your comfortable bed.

In principle, remember that for an oriental style sommier bed, the bedside tables must be low, if instead you prefer a classic style bed, more imposing and redundant, then high bedside tables are the right choice to make. / p>

Which design to choose?

As anticipated at the beginning of the blog, in recent years the trend in interior design is to use a different style bed and bedside tables or even two different bedside tables.
Of course it is possible to buy bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables of the same collection, in the same material and color, is a safe choice, perfect for those with a more traditional style

Collection Bonaldo Gala entirely represented by chest of drawers, weekly nightstand and two types of dressers

But if you like to be daring or if you want to create more movement, here are a couple of examples that will help you choose different style bedside tables and beds

With a simple, linear, minimal bed, entirely in wood or with a single color fabric / leather cover, you can combine a bedside table with a more refined design, for example entirely covered in mirror, or with an original shape, such as a round bedside table or you can use a small table.

Bed side Pianca Chloè , with vintage lines, creates contrast to the table used as a bedside table, even in this case, the whole is still harmonious and definitely worth copying

Even the chest of drawers can follow this stylistic choice, if you combine a bed in essence wood with a lacquered chest of drawers it is certainly an excellent choice. A single-colored, single-material or single-design room could be stylistically heavy.

Bedside  Alfdafrè Rim with round base combined with a stylistically bed minimal and an absolutely rigid and geometric chest of drawers, all perfectly united by the skilful use of colors

The brass details join the bed to the night group Pianca Dedalo , rounded shapes and lacquers shiny create an elegant and formal ensemble

Dresser: what size?

Just like the bedside tables, the size of the dresser must also be proportionate to the size of the bedroom and the space available.

In the case of small bedrooms, a practical and space-saving solution could be to replace the dresser with a tallboy , which is a dresser that develops in height rather than in width.

In width, its dimensions vary from 100 to 150 cm in width, while it can be from 60 to 110 cm high. The depth is approximately 50 cm.

The septet, on the other hand, develops in height: from 50 to 90 cm wide, the height is about 1 meter, depending on the number of drawers. In fact, despite the name "septet" or "weekly" refers to the fact that there should be seven drawers, one for each day of the week in reality many models have only 5 or 6 drawers.

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