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Focus on: Wallpaper

Focus on: Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style in a big way, but

How to choose and how to use the wallpaper?

We definitely need to remove the old legacies of classic, heavy wallpaper with questionable textures from our minds.

We must instead open our minds to a world of graphic design, colors, high-performance textures.


We identify the environment in which we would like to install the wallpaper:
for living rooms or bedrooms, certainly the most suitable support is non-woven fabric, it allows you to use particular and velvety graphics that create a high quality artistic effect

Wallpaper London Art Better Days

for humid environments such as in the bathroom or kitchen, the humidity conditions are very different, so it is important to choose a paper with significant water resistance. The most suitable material for this type of situation is vinyl or PVC, which is easily washable.

Wallpaper London Art Positano Glasswallpaper

And if you want to give a particular character to the kitchen, inserting a card between the base units and the wall units, no problem: resistance to water and fire are needs that modern cards are able to satisfy!

Where to apply the wallpaper: on a wall or in the whole room?

In addition to figuring out which wallpaper is perfect for your needs, you also need to ask yourself where you want to place it.

There are two main options here: use it on all walls or decorate just one.

In the first case, the wallpaper must be simple and classic, with a design that is not excessively eccentric. Although it may seem like a choice of yesteryear, in reality, it can give a contemporary and trendy touch when it covers the whole room.

The second choice is to select a wall covering to apply to only one wall in the room. In this case, the choice of colors and themes must be more courageous: choose bolder patterns, perhaps with particular and stylish designs, metallic and shiny notes, to give a glamorous touch to the room. The effect will be even more impactful if the wallpaper is placed behind sofas or beds.

London wallpaper Art Havana Wanderlust

A counter-trend decision (but more widespread than you think) is to decorate the ceiling with wallpaper as well. Here, too, the choice is to use a uniform decoration between walls and ceiling (which, however, could give a sense of oppression and monotony). More impactful is decorating the walls in neutral colors, using a bolder style on the ceiling, with geometric or floral motifs depending on the decor.

Wallpaper Glamora Cocun

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