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Update 2021: Lumina

Update 2021: Lumina

From the vision of Tommaso Cimini was born Lumina , a manufacturer of products for lighting whose main strengths are its constructive capacity and quality control at the service of simple and technological lamps.

It was in 1975 that Tommaso Cimini created the first prototype of the Daphine , a table lamp that museums, libraries, designers and countless customers private individuals ask us again.
With his ingenuity, creativity and knowledge of materials, he was able to rearrange the machines in his workshop to produce the essential forms of Daphine. At that time the means were scarce, but his passion for lighting was enormous.

Every new prototype made in those years was brought home to test it in everyday conditions. So that its light can be experienced correctly and its shape can be ergonomically studied. A test method that we still use today.

When Tommaso Cimini founded Lumina in 1980, he already had a very clear principle in mind: it is the function that generates the form. In fact, as had happened with the Daphine, a linear, essential, indeed iconic lamp, on which the history of the company would be based.

Daphine table lamp 

Since 1975 this lamp has represented the essence of Lumina. Exhibited in some of the most famous Modern Art and Design Museums in the world. Daphine is a synthesis of timeless function and form: an articulated arm, equipped with an adjustable diffuser mounted on a transformer.

Galileo pendant lamp

Galileo is the jewel of the Lumina collection. Galileo's precious crystal shade is the result of an extremely precise glass manufacturing process. The refractive quality of the optical glass transmits the greatest possible brilliance of light through the entire shade.

Double Matrix pendant lamp 

Kaufman's research into the friction mechanism has resulted in a large family of luminaires with laterally adjustable arms made of flexible steel bars. The Matrix pendant range offers many pendant lights, depending on your needs.

Eva table lamp

Eva is a diffused light table lamp. It consists of a glass cylinder placed on a circular aluminum base that houses a single LED. The LED projects the light upwards, onto the reflecting cone. Dimmable through the free movement of the knurled ring on the base.

Moove pendant lamp

Moove is an innovative ceiling lamp, consisting of a carbon fiber arm that rotates 360 ° (Moove) or 180 ° (Moove Double) and a lampshade with adjustable height (30/175 cm) . Also available in the Mono version.

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