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Designer: Mauro Lipparini

Designer: Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini graduated in Architecture in 1980 at the University of Florence, of which he was a professor. He was also the winner of the international design competitions Young & Design Milano (1987) and International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany, 1988 and 1989). Mauro Lipparini's intense activity in the field of industrial design includes furniture for the home and for the office , the textile industry and other products created for numerous companies in Europe and Japan. In the field of architecture and interior design, he mainly focused on residential and commercial construction such as corporate headquarters, showrooms, shops, restaurants and exhibition installations. Furthermore, he designs and implements advanced image and corporate identity systems, from graphics to editorial services to production. Lipparini's style, based on essential shapes and clear and energetic lines characteristic of natural minimalism, is imbued with a joyful spirit, an exhilarating sense of aesthetic pleasure and creativity. In his free use of colors, organic textures, original visual ideas, Lipparini amplifies the palette of minimalism, channeling the immediacy and power of this aesthetic towards a new era of great maturity and a sense of well-being.

“In my industry, vitality is everything. You can train alone or in a group but, collaborating with Arketipo , I realized that it was essential to find a way to exploit this vitality together. "

"The whole process must start from a mutual devotion to design, a symbiosis that has its basis in sharing knowledge from the initial concept to the final product."

Arketipo Avalon table

Technology and art find a perfect union in Avalon's extraordinary design concept. Powerful iron plates are modeled through light segmentations of flat geometries, characterized by curvilinear, concave and convex shapes, and by a sequence of bold formal gestures that define the base of the table. We are faced with a masterful example of how a minimalist structure can be strengthened by the power of its materials: from the authenticity of natural iron, combined with the archaic expressiveness of the annealed glass of the table top. The austere formalism of Avalon is contrasted with the dynamism of the base, while the top, made up of a glass disc, evokes a mirror of water with rippling movements, transporting us to a dreamlike extraterrestrial landscape. Avalon, Roxy Music’s latest great album, is a staple of the Eighties. Similarly, the table of the same name stands out for the cheekiness typical of those years, and at the same time evokes an older folklore, bordering on myth - the legendary island of Avalon, where Excalibur, the renowned sword of King Arthur was forged - above all thanks to the Pacific blue finishes of the glass top. Placed under the ethereal disc of molten glass, the powerful metal base unfolds like a flood, full of elegance and vitality

Arketipo Rumors coffee table

A collection of songs that crushes every chart and a furniture set that defies every convention, both have in common an intriguing name and an unconditional commitment to pursuing individual creativity. The materials are the real protagonists of the Rumors coffee tables, with marble tops. This extraordinary stone - exuberant, precious, eclectic, captivating and theatrical at the same time - requires a particular sensitivity in design. In each piece, three metal blades support the top from below, and cross it with clean and precise cuts, which interrupt the variegated marble veins of the rounded surface, creating explicit and underlying contrasts between the organic and natural lines and the rational and geometric ones. . Rumors draws on these artfully conceived contrasts, and simultaneously presents itself as a sophisticated piece of furniture and a real gem of surprising refinement. It is the same "crystal vision" that Stevie Nicks sang in the eternal song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. The interplay between the subtle graphic lines of the surfaces and the marked and sturdy stone slabs creates a new and unexpected vocabulary for a refined design, applied to these unique and unrepeatable pieces

Arketipo Jupiter armchair

Space age design merging with an obsession for materials: this is the Jupiter armchair.
Over the years we have developed many projects, but none of these communicate the strength of design through materials like Jupiter. From the metal base to the fiberglass shell, from the soft down padding to the upholstery: this really means capturing a new era, the space age, with design. Each component is designed to have a function of its own, to look different, to be different. Jupiter is a commitment to craftsmanship, a tale of what is handmade, which intrinsically belongs to this world.

Sofa Arketipo That's Life

With its high cushions, corner armrests and deep seat, That’s Life evokes a modernist jazz lounge, where you could easily catch your eye with one of the protagonists of Mad Men. The self-contained platforms, both rigid and soft, combine with each other in compositions that could extend in almost any direction, to satisfy the various needs of domestic life. The accessories, with a timeless design, are inspired by artisan values, combining wood and marble, creating casual juxtapositions. These elements, which can be combined with each other and integrated with the upholstered components, inspire a free play of architectural creativity that reinforces the effect of articulated linearity. The sweet volumes of the armrests and backrest expand slightly outwards, giving a sense of pleasant welcome. The pure and essential design of That’s Life, composed with geometric rigor, is immediately perceived, and its vivid and layered lines have a unique allure. The immortal version of "That’s Life" sung by Frank Sinatra pushes all those who have felt the earth fail under their feet to get up, and "get back in the game". Invigorated and refreshed by this extraordinary sofa, you will find just the strength you need to do it too.

Sofa Arketipo Nash

There is nothing constant about design, it is something that has to do with ideas that are always looking for a new direction, defining new environments or changing landscapes along their path.  Nash will do "everything except what is normal", a constant iteration of angles and edges, a model that can be transformed into multiple variations, always different. The backrests and seats, the armrests, large or thin, the beautifully constructed feet, the visible corners, an extremely modular design, a combination of unique and impactful pieces.
Nash redefines the concept of "normal"

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