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New Brand: Venini

New Brand: Venini

Over ninety years ago, the Milanese lawyer Paolo Venini and the Venetian antiquarian Giacomo Cappellin decided to found, in 1921, Cappellin Venini & C. Sotto under the guidance of the painter Vittorio Zecchin , the first and historic artistic director, the foundations were laid for that stylistic identity which every Venini vase still uses today: an imaginative reinterpretation of usual patterns, openness and curiosity towards new artistic techniques, but above all an unparalleled mastery of processing techniques, imbued with genius and desire to experiment.

Subsequently the company changes its identity, becoming Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C. which will see the artistic direction of Napoleone Martinuzzi : another artistic figure - sculptor -, as well as one of the most influential personalities in the world of artistic glass, he was tying his destiny to the main brand of glass vases from Murano .

After Martinuzzi, it is the architect Tommaso Buzzi , who will involve internationally renowned artists such as Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa. In those years, Venini experienced such artistic success - thanks to various participations in the Venice Biennale - that world-famous artists, architects and designers wanted to collaborate with Venini: Eugene Barman, Ken Scott, Banfi, Belgiojoso, Peressuti and Rogers.

In the mid-eighties Venini began his collaboration with one of the most important architects on the international scene: Alessandro Mendini. In the 90s it was the turn of the collaboration between Venini and Ettore Sottsass, a famous designer as well as an Italian architect. Other noteworthy collaborations are those with Gae Aulenti , Mario Bellini, Timo Sarpaneva and Fulvio Bianconi who join some of the most important emerging artists: Elena Cutolo, Giorgio Vigna, Emmanuel Babled, Rodolfo Dordoni, Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin.

The Venini universe has always been a hotbed of ideas and experiments of the most illustrious artistic personalities in the field of design. Knowledge and creativity mix to give life to something innovative. Even today, Venini is the art of modeling glass in its purest state.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Venini brand

How do I recognize a Venini product?

The main feature of all Venini vases is certainly the engraving of the brand on the edge or bottom of the vase, made with a diamond point. The models belonging to the Author Collections e Masterglass also have the signature of the author who designed them. Finally, remember that every Venini art glass is unique and inimitable: it is always sold with its certificate of authenticity , which guarantees its uniqueness.

What is the most famous / best-selling Venini object?

Juggling the many Venini proposals to buy or giving as a gift is not easy: the choice is very wide, but it will surely help you to know which is the best known Venini vase: the Fazzoletto . A vase considered a true work of art, so much so that it is exhibited at MoMA in New York , one of the most important museums of modern art in the world!

This work was born in 1948, from an idea of ​​the artist Fulvio Bianconi and of the same Paolo Venini . To create it, a technique called "flying hand" is used, in which glass masters have been performing for seventy years: a circular movement, decisive and soft at the same time, which creates ever-changing lines recalling an upside-down handkerchief.

Tissue vase

Are Venini vases Made in Italy?

Since 1921 the Venini furnace has been located in Murano , the capital of glass: a small island in the Venice Lagoon which boasts the most famous glass in the world, worked with particular artisanal techniques that for years have been handed down from craftsman to craftsman.
If you are lucky enough to have been in this island, you know the truly magical atmosphere that you breathe while walking among the many shops of the master glassmakers .

The daily life of glass requires dedication, patience and constant application.
The masters begin to work at dawn, testing the resistance of glass. If the matter does not break for their energy, they start with the creation of objects.

The instruments have been the same for ages and every teacher has his own personal. The most used is the barrel with which air is blown into the elusive molten mass, then processed quickly with pliers, rods and scissors. The sequence of movements is quick and decisive, always choreographic, capable of leaving every spectator speechless.

The master creates, helped by his assistants, and at the same time compares himself with artists called from all over the world to inspire his craftsmanship. The project is choral and full of contaminations, this is the hallmark of the VENINI catalog.

Why are Venini vases expensive?

Each vase is different from the other for its totally artigianale processing, and its value is given by the complex production process that leads to the creation of every single object, as well as from the study and research of the designer who came up with it. Among the many artists who signed Venini's works, names such as Gio Ponti , Peter Marino , Gae Aulenti and Carlo Scarpa , counted among the most famous contemporary designers. It is no coincidence that Venini art glasses have also been present for years at the Venice Biennale !
All Venini products are absolutely unique , the craftsmanship in fact, it does not allow the creation of identical works in series, but each piece will be unique and different from all the others

Many works are also made in limited editions, absolutely exclusive.

Is it safe to ship a Venini vase? Does it arrive intact?

Venini products are shipped in their original packaging, using a special shockproof packaging in expanded foam . This special material takes the shape of the vase and ensures that it arrives intact at its destination.

Now that we have answered your curiosities, you can start buying Venini products in our shop !

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