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Designer: Ettore Sottsass

Designer: Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass was born in Innsbruck on September 14, 1917. He devoted himself to various disciplines, such as painting , ceramics , ' architecture and design .

Sottsass is, in Italy , the artist who first of all manages to express, through his production of design objects, the emerging ideas of Controdesign or Radical Design, that is social criticism expressed through objects characterized by a strong experimentalism of materials, techniques and forms, in direct opposition to the style Rationalist and the common taste of the time .

Great and influential Master of Italian design, in his language the potential energy and vitality of design and color contrast with any intellectualism and rigidity.

After graduating in architecture at the polytechnic of Turin in 1939 , he began his activity in Milan in 1947, where his first design studio is based, which will be the main field of activity since 1958, contributing to the international affirmation of the Italian style .

In that same year he began his collaboration with Olivetti , where he is responsible for the " computer design " sector. In about thirty years he designed numerous objects for the Ivrea-based company, including the Logos 27 calculator (1963), the Praxis 48 typewriters (1964), the famous Valentina (with Perry King) and the office system Synthesis (1973).

His most important project is the computer Mainframe Elea 9003 (1959), thanks to which he won the Compasso D'Oro in 1959.

It is above all in furniture design that the innovative strength of Sottsass 's ingenuity knows no obstacles, making the architect a central figure in international design.

Disappointed by an increasingly voracious industry, Sottsass plans the union of contemporary avant-garde, Pop, poverist and conceptual suggestions, with the idea of ​​a "reassuring" design, supporter of consumerism alternative to that imposed by the "advertising company".

He participates in numerous Triennali di Milano , and is part of the " Global Tools " movement at the end of the seventies together with, among others, Andrea Branzi , Gaetano Pesce and Alessandro Mendini .

In 1981 he founded the Memphis group together with Hans Hollein , Arata Isozaki , Andrea Branzi , Michele de Lucchi and other names on the international scene.

Born in Milan, Memphis brings together a group of young designers and architects, coming from all over the world and led by Ettore Sottsass , animated by the need to design other spaces and other environments than what was the then panorama of furniture related to furnishings. Since the first appearance, the shapes, colors and decorations of Memphis have changed the face of contemporary furniture.

Triestre is home to the last exhibition dedicated to Sottsass still alive: "I would like to know why". Organized into seven thematic sections: industrial design (design), architecture, photography, jewelery, drawing, ceramics and finally glass, the so-called delicatessens, as Gillo Dorfles defined them after viewing the project.

With the collaboration with Venini, which began in 1988 and ended a few years before his death, ideas are born that are absolutely recognizable in the inspiration of Sottsass


“Architecture transformed into design, grandeur transformed into elegance. Coral and Acquamare that meet, Coral and Talpa that come together. Ettore Sottsass's glass work has a strong soul and presence. "


“The work designed by Ettore Sottsass dates back to 1994. Monumental and architectural, but capable of interpreting and spreading around itself all the magic of the earth to which it is inspired. It is perceived, it is felt. And it generates imagination. ”


“A black sphere is reflected in the Coral and in the delicacy of Verdognolo, celebrating the country that inspires it. The volumes are reflected in each other. In Ettore Sottsass's mind, the work is the story of a journey, of a people and its symbols. "

Marito e Moglie

“They are blessed on a solid marble base. Their existence can be fragile at times and separate them slightly, but in their union they will always find stability. Husband and wife are this for Ettore Sottsass, a symbol of an eternal bond. "

Limited edition of 99 works


“In Ettore Sottsas' Goburam there is the India of the monumental towers that precede the entrance to the sacred temples, the red of the precious coral and the ancient earth, the night blue of the mysterious full moon sky. United by the hands of master glassmakers in a work that reflects the whole world. "
Limited edition of 99 works

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