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Advice from our designers: evergreens at home

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Today our designers will let us discover some evergreen trends for the home. Read their advice and get inspiration for decorating your home

Usually before furnishing the home, we tend to look at the new trends , to look at the news of the tech world, of home automation, in order to have a modern and fashion.

Unfortunately, fashions pass and technology is not for us.

To overcome the succession of fashions, we recommend some timeless, evergreen trends that never go out of fashion but that furnish your home with style.


It looks like a banal piece of furniture, but the carpet is able to instantly transform / furnish a room.

If you have the feeling that the interior spaces are without personality, banal, naked, add a rug with a particular texture or with a sophisticated design and your room will change completely.

It will feel like a much warmer, more personal room, with attention to detail.

Carpet Gan Mirage of the new Hand Knotted collection, signed Patricia Urquiola , designed and built for modern and elegant environments. Creative design inspired by the typical furniture style of the 70s in a modern key. Enhance your spaces with personality. Available in three different finishes.
Dimensions: 200x300 cm

Walls with neutral colors

If you want to redecorate a room, the quickest and cheapest way is to paint the walls. But be careful not to choose colors of styles that may seem out of fashion in a couple of years. We also remind you that if you choose a flashy color, you can get tired of it immediately.

We therefore advise you to choose neutral colors such as white, shades of dove gray or gray, very delicate pastel colors. In fact, these colors adapt very well to any style of furniture and you can complete them using colorful, lively textiles with patterns.

Then choose a neutral base where you can then easily insert the colors.

The sideboard Cattelan Italia Lavander in titanium finish stands out on the wall with light tones.

Sideboard with two or three doors with structure in titanium , brushed bronze , brushed gray .
Feet in stainless steel glossy or graphite.
The particular workmanship of the doors creates a play of light and shadows of great refinement, perfect for decorating your dining area.

Flos Arco floor lamp

Even furniture products are real evergreens, design products that adapt to any environment and are the "history of design"

The iconic lamp was created in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni , Arco  is a floor lamp by Flos that represents the synthesis of simplicity, ingenuity and perfection. Base in white Carrara marble , adjustable chromed metal diffuser, steel arch with adjustable length.

Essential, rigorous in its forms and ingenious in its entirety, the Arco dei Castiglioni lamp is one of the most imitated icons in the history of design. Born from a visionary project, this floor lamp has a solid and massive base in precious Carrara marble, which supports a large metal arch, inspired by a street lamp. Inside the base there is a hole, specially designed to move it in a simpler and more practical way. The Arco lamp comes to life from the need to create a pendant lamp that projects the light onto the table without requiring holes in the ceiling. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castigioni realize it with this intent: thus a floor lamp with functionality and extraordinary class is born, today loved and known all over the world. Perfect for illuminating large spaces, this arc lamp by Flos fits with elegance in any context, whether it is the living area, the kitchen, the office or large contract environments.

Brushed metals

Metals are considered as jewels that decorate the environment, enliven a monochromatic room and add shine.

Brushed metals such as brass, bronze, cobalt, on the other hand, are more sought after, more worked. They have a texture that does not tire, which could happen with shiny metals.

Adding design objects in aged metal gives a timeless atmosphere and a touch of elegance to all environments.

The sideboard Cubric , by the Riflessi brand, is in MDF with a 45 ° cut, doors and sides are in metal handcrafted diamond bent. Interior and back in canaletto walnut, with internal glass shelves. Push-pull opening. The processing on the doors and sides adds an element of refinement, as well as making each piece unique, thanks to the manual brushing with which small reflection irregularities are created on the steel.

Glass coffee tables

Now more than ever it is a question of maximizing small spaces such as studios or small one-bedroom apartments and for this reason there are some pieces that make the essential their first quality, such as curved glass or "cascade" glass tables. 

Thanks to the transparent design and soft curves, the glass coffee tables have the advantage of being able to “disappear”, which is particularly convenient if you don't have much space.

Any design in glass or clear plastic helps create the illusion of more space by reducing visual clutter. Combining this type of table with a bold and colorful rug or a brightly colored sofa also allows you to enhance the beauty of the surrounding objects.

The Tonin Casa Flow coffee table has a design that recalls the movement of a wave. Available in extra-clear or smoked glass

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