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Advice from our designers: extendable console tables

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The articles in the "tips from our designers" section help you choose the best product to buy, how to furnish your home, some design ideas and other useful tips for your home

Add a seat at the table easily with the new extendable consoles! Available in any style of furniture , dimensions and materials . Let's find out what they are and how to buy the right one for your needs.

Thanks to the most modern extension systems, this piece of furniture has become a real champion of space-saving . There are models that have left us speechless, with extensions that allow you to obtain from a small console from the entrance a large dining table for dinners.

And when we say "big table" we really mean a table for the whole family or for all friends

If you live in a one-room, two-room or three-room apartment; or if you have a kitchen habitable or an open space with living room and kitchen united, the extendable consoles have become a fundamental piece of furniture.

Not only because they can help us on special occasions, but because the smaller models can become work desks or simply a table for two. If your home is small, every centimeter must be exploited to the fullest, we must be careful not to waste space with useless furnishings, strive with intelligent solutions and multifunctional furnishings capable of surprising transformations.

Which console to choose?

There are two types of extendable console tables:

console with extension holder : equipped with a space to store the extensions when not in use

console without extension holder : the extensions are external and you need to find a space to store them

The smaller consoles can be positioned at the entrance so as to perform the double function of entrance furniture and table that can be opened only when serves. A console table can be used to place photos, knick-knacks, key rings and coin trays. When it's time to have lunch or dinner, just remove everything from the top, open the console, add the extensions and you're done.

The large models are equipped with one or more central legs in steel to give the cabinet greater stability.

The extra large console table is more bulky even when closed, its advantage is that it can be used as a small table or work surface, perhaps in the kitchen. The large upper surface offers plenty of space to place objects and utensils, a food processor, coffee machine, fruit basket.

Usually an extendable console is associated with a small house, but what do we do if we have to furnish a office , a coworking space, a studio or a laboratory where courses are held ? If in daily activities we can do without a large meeting table and make do with desks, what to do when we have a meeting or students? Here's how a mega console can help us!

If you are wondering where to put the extensions in the case of models without a compartment dedicated to these elements, some ideas are:

in the closet: at the back of the closet, behind the hanging clothes

under the sofa : if you have a sofa with high feet you can hide the extensions here, perhaps in a box or in a container with zip closure

under the read or in the container under the net

How to use the extendable console?

Opening the extendable console is very simple: just grab the two ends of the table and pull to allow the telescopic aluminum guides to extend and reach the desired size. At this point the extensions rest on the guides, which fit perfectly together to form a harmonious and stable surface

The consoles are equipped with floor rest systems with two or four supports, to allow you to place plates and other weights without problems of table stability.

The consoles are equipped with floor rest systems with two or four supports, to allow you to place plates and other weights without problems of table stability.

The dimensions of the extendable console are adjustable in five steps of different lengths, depending on the table seats you need. If the guests are between 8 and 10 it is sufficient to use the third extension, of about two meters. If there are 12 or 14 envoys, the fourth extension is preferable, while the maximum extension of the table can accommodate up to 16 people.


So let's see a selection of extendable consoles:

Extendable console Ozzio Italia A4 , with extension holder, extends up to 267cm

Closed console

Console open

Console Ozzio Italia 4You , with external extensions, to be stored in an extension bag.

Console closed

Console open

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