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Advice from our designers: sofa in fabric or leather?

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The articles in the "tips from our designers" section help you choose the best product to buy, how to furnish your home, some design ideas and other useful tips for your home

In the  previous article , we saw together how to choose the style of the sofa for our home, now let's evaluate together if your best purchase is a sofa in  leather or in fabric .


The sofa in leather is an excellent investment, genuine leather lasts over time and above all is always in trend. The warm and neutral shades of brown , chocolate , dove-gray , but also caramel and burgundy , they never go out of style.

The sofa covered in leather is certainly hygienic because it can be cleaned frequently without any difficulty

Furthermore, leather , with the passage of time, becomes softer and softer, with small imperfections due to wear, which give it a truly inimitable charm

In fabric

Usually sofas in fabric have the removable cover . The quality of this type of sofa is given by the nature of the yarn used to weave the fabric. But remember that a refined and precious fabric is not very resistant to wear.

The fabrics of these sofas are classified according to their fibers with which they are made:

natural textile fibers are those obtained without chemical treatments such as linen, cotton, wool, silk.

artificial fibers are obtained when the starting material is a natural substance which is then treated with chemical substances, such as acetate, acrylic, and viscose; 

synthetic fibers are obtained when the starting material is not natural, but is an artificially obtained substance. The most used synthetic fabric coatings are, for example, microfiber, nylon and polyesters;

Pros and cons of fabric and leather

To make your choice easier, I have compiled a list of pros and cons, here are the pros of leather


• they are resistant thanks to the quality of the material used;

• they get less dirty;

cleaning is more practical and easier;

• does not accumulate dust either on the surface or inside cracks;

• is hypoallergenic .

As for the fabric sofa

• linings and upholstery are easy to find;

• fabric sofas are cheap;

• the fabric sofa is more comfortable than the leather one;

• the coatings are simple, light and practical;

Now let's find out the drawbacks:

The sofa in leather , as we have already seen, has a cleaning more practical and easier, but it requires constancy, the leather in fact must be cleaned and fed with special products in order to preserve it for a long time.

For the sofa in fabric , however, the disadvantages are many and of varying degrees, in fact fabric is certainly the most delicate and difficult material to maintain. If it is not removable it can become a nightmare when it comes to washing, also because it will tend to fade and shrink, but above all it is important to understand that if it is not removable, in the long run it will turn into an odor receptacle. , dust and mites that are not good for our health.

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