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Tips from our designers: bedroom colors

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Our designers recommend the colors to use in your bedrooms. Trend colors but also timeless colors.

Our interior designs advise you in choosing the color to use in your bedroom.

New color trends of 2022 are conquering interior designers. The main points of the furniture are no longer perfection, artificiality and standardization but a specific design is sought, close to nature and full of character. For this reason, the 2022 master bedroom trends encourage customization and renewal, particularly in relation to the colors to be used for the finishes and furnishings. We remind you that neutral shades remain a passpartout, but those who want to indulge the new seasonal trends will be able to draw on an extremely fresh and original color palette, to create combinations capable of enhancing the entire environment. Whether you introduce those pops of color with paint, bedding or complements, let's see together which shades will be in vogue in the coming months!

BLUE - sky and sea

Il has a significant effect on our mood: blue tones, in fact, are known to be restful colors. This is why the use of various shades of blue will be another characteristic trend of the coming months, not only for the impact from an aesthetic point of view, but also for the ability to positively influence mood. Blue makes the bedroom more welcoming and relaxing. The choice of this shade is once again linked to the ever more pressing need in this historical period, that the environments are more enveloping, more natural, more comfortable.

Depending on the orientation of the room, we can choose lighter or darker shades. If the room is bright and spacious, a deep blue can be the perfect color to make the bedroom more intimate. Some lighter shades, such as teal or “Tiffany” turquoise, improve the brightness of the room, increase serotonin and promote relaxation.

GREEN - nature

The popularity of green in interior design seems destined to be confirmed also during the next seasons. Available in various shades - from emerald to sage green - green in 2022 expresses the desire to (re) create a bond with nature. It is not surprising, therefore, as even in the bedroom, darker or desaturated shades, such as green earth, will find ample space. There is also a psychological factor supporting this trend: green seems to inspire balance and growth, as well as being generally associated with psycho-physical health and well-being.

The inclusion of a touch of green in the interior of your bedroom does not only involve painting an accent wall or adding fabrics and curtains in a palette. To contribute to the revival of shades of green, as an interior design option, there is also the so-called "biophilic design", a design strategy that takes into consideration the spontaneous tendency of human beings to feel good in the midst of nature, to be applied both bedrooms and other domestic environments. This approach results in a mixture of indoor and outdoor, including low-maintenance plants.

BROWN - nature

Like green, brown is also closely linked to the desire to create an environment capable of recalling nature, evoking a simpler lifestyle, inspiring stability, comfort and relaxation. It is part of the range of neutral and natural colors found in materials such as wood and natural fibers. Furthermore, in its various earthy shades, brown is able to give the bedroom a Boho touch and at the same time enhance the combinations with more lively shades. This makes it perfect for those who would like to change the color of the environment, but do not like to focus on bright or pastel colors. For this reason, it can be used both to create accent walls and for details and furnishing accessories (including all the shades of wood), without neglecting bed linen: sheets, bedspreads, quilts, duvets and pillows. It is possible to choose a set of linen in solid color or decorated with prints and geometric patterns, depending on the style with which the room is furnished.

GLICINE - Very Pery

Widespread in the 1990s, wisteria and lavender shades are experiencing a period of rediscovery, albeit in a modern key. As proof of the renewed popularity of this color, a new shade of periwinkle blue (“Very Peri”) has been elected “Pantone Color of the Year” for 2022. Periwinkle Blue is a shade of celestial close to violet. Of particular effect in the bedrooms, the lilac color evokes relaxing sensations, making it one of the most suitable options for the design of a room. If you're not planning on painting wisteria walls, but just want to include it in your bedroom in small doses, you can add it via linens, accessories, and styling. Furthermore, wisteria is quite versatile, it can adapt to many different furnishing styles and lends itself to a wide range of different color combinations: it can be combined with another trendy color such as green or blue in the lighter shades, but also to powder pink or neutral shades such as white and gray. At the same time, it can be used within bolder color schemes, alongside bright yellow or orange curtains or cushions.

Colors set the mood of a room and influence our mood, now with these tips, you can change those tired old colors and bring new life to your bedroom!

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