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Cattelan Italia: trend 2023

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Let's find out together what Cattelan Italia offers in its new collection: new products, new textures but the timeless elegance of the high quality made in Italy brand.

Cattelan Italia in the new collection offers a home environment that transmits balance and tranquility, the desire to detach from the outside world and rest at home, a refuge where you can pamper yourself.

A mix of soft and sensual shapes mix with angular geometric elements.

On large surfaces it is possible to appreciate the porosity of the new clay finish or the natural grain of wood and ceramic with a marble effect.

The new collection includes tables, chairs, sideboards and small accessories such as mirrors, lamps and carpets.

New textures/materials


New colors are added to the vast choice of marble-effect ceramics, symbol of the timeless elegance and refinement of Cattelan Italia products.

Among the new colors, the following stand out: the Corcovado ceramic, delicate and elegant that ranges between earthy tones with a powder base; and the more intense Kaindy ceramic, which features flowing iridescent streaks with variations of green, blue and gray.


Also among the glass tops, new decorative artistic prints are added, such as the CrystalArt Marble and the Moonglass top, in bronze glass with an irregular and brilliant surface.

Table Lancer Moonglass


Alongside the brushed bronze, graphite and titanium finishes, now symbols of the brand, there is a new finish: Pearl, which makes the furnishings luminous and ethereal.

Cattelan Italia offers welcoming and regenerating spaces, where serenity and harmony reign between man and the environment that hosts him. It is a design conceived to live one's daily life, giving value to gestures to take care of oneself, which include surrounding oneself with beauty, energy and balance in forms.

Let's discover together some of the protagonists of the Cattelan Italia Collection.


Maxim is a project born from an inseparable link between its shape and the material it is made of.

The base is made up of three petals, shaped from liquid cement. Inside the mould, the fluid material adapts and takes shape in a plastic way, to then stiffen, concluding its transformation.

“When the material is self-sufficient, without superstructures or additions, you have a pure and direct object that is already a finished product” say the designers Pio and Tito Toso.

Maxim responds to the need for a more sustainable design, it derives from manual processing and a cold molding technique that does not involve the exploitation of energy resources. The industrialized processes only support the high artisanal component of the hand-made casting and finishing phases. Observing Maxim it is possible to perceive the effort and time taken by man to shape it, just like a sculpture that emerges from the material in the hands of the master.

The family includes two variants, the Maxim table with base in hand-spatulated clay finish and glass top, and Maxim Argile entirely finished in clay, in the natural nuances Oslo, Cairo or Havana. This raw material is an impermeable sedimentary rock, a simple and gentle material with a rough aesthetic. The essential and dry style enhances the organic look of the table. It is a very transversal piece of furniture, designed for domestic environments, both indoors and outdoors, or for public spaces in which to create a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. Last but not least, the logistical aspect is made efficient thanks to a dismountable and easily transportable packaging. The considerable weight of the base is thus reduced, as are the spaces and resources required for transport.


The Costes sideboard, designed by the Tosca Design studio, is full of details and at the same time reproduces a dry and clean aesthetic. The curved sides in transparent glass are interspersed with vertical metal inserts, which give rhythm to the composition, revealing the internal glass shelves. Furthermore, the sideboard can be illuminated internally by LED lights, which enhance the precious details and the materials modeled with care and precision. But the real detail that makes the difference are the refined feet, made up of two Y-shaped metal elements that gracefully rest on the ground.

The wooden doors are made with diagonal slats that highlight the fascinating natural grain of the wood, available in Canaletto walnut or burnt oak. The Costes sideboard is available in a high version with 2 doors and a lower version with 3 doors, to adapt naturally to any space in the house, as well as in the TV cabinet version. The style is refined but balanced, the result of the meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes Italian manufacturing.

The internal shelves in smoked glass have the purpose of guarding and at the same time exalting the most precious objects stored inside this seductive sideboard.


Cosmos is the mirror designed by Lorenzo Remedi is a decorative, majestic and unmatched complement. If you let your imagination run wild, you will notice that Cosmos is much more than just a mirror. This fascinating design object is like an enchanted portal that widens the confines of the room towards unknown worlds.

Cosmos is made up of two distinct elements. The central mirrored portion, with irregular contours, seems drawn freehand and instinctively, with extreme naturalness. While the outer edge, positioned on a level below, is slightly concave. The bush-hammered surface does not reflect the environment clearly, but by exploiting the brightness of the surrounding environment, it acts as a decorative frame with a fluid and changeable optical effect.

The result is a mirror with a contemporary style, with a soft and fluid shape, which seems to want to envelop the room and incorporate it.

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