Spring is coming and at this time of year we usually feel the need for change and new things.

The house where we live and spend most of our time affects our state of mind, so we must indulge this desire for novelty.

Buying all the furniture again is obviously expensive and painting the walls of the house could be complicated, but let's find out together how we can change the furniture with small moves.

5 Ideas to change the decor

- 1 Move the furniture

The first solution that is usually given is to change the position of the table or sofa, but it is not always possible because the spaces do not allow it.

In fact, large furnishing accessories have their own specific place, so it is easier to move small furnishings: armchair, table, pouf, carpet.

You can therefore use a small table instead of the bedside table, the armchair in a new reading corner.

Arketipo bed Big Night and Arketipo lamp Bubble Bobble

- 2 Textiles and coverings

All the textile accessories, such as cushions, quilts, curtains define the style of an environment.

You can then choose new textiles and insert new colors into the environment, so the room will immediately become different.

Play with the colors and textures of the fabrics, alternating them with the change of seasons.

AlfdaFrè bed Aren

- 3 home fragrances

You can also change the candles or diffusers you use regularly.

Our home is a multi-sensory place, we stimulate sight, touch and even smell.

Try exotic fragrances in summer and warm ones in winter, letting yourself be enveloped by these new perfumes

Or buy fresh flowers regularly, you will be enveloped in their scent every time you enter your home.

Cattelan Italia sideboard Europe Keramik

- 4 Color

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to change your home is the color of the walls, but unfortunately it's not always simple.

So let's see alternative ways to give color to the room, not by coloring the walls.

We can paint the photo frames, or the skirting board, or the door and window frames.

Or buy small colored furnishing accessories, they will certainly have an impact inside the room.

Memedesign coffee table Finity

- 5 Introduce a wallpaper

If everything I've proposed doesn't seem like the right solution, then we have to use the most impactful solution: wallpaper.

Like a huge picture on the wall, it decorates the whole room.

You can choose it with a material effect, or realistic or with an abstract pattern, you will surely find the paper that adapts to your decor.

LondonArt wallpaper Better Days

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