In a large room it may seem difficult to manage the spaces, so it could be useful to resize the rooms using dividers, but not the walls.

There are many solutions and they embrace many styles, we propose some of them below

1 Use screens or dividers

The solution that perhaps may seem more banal and out of fashion, but was born for this.
Surely this is the most practical and reversible solution, because with a few simple gestures you can close and move it.
They are also available in many materials, glass, iron, cardboard, just to adapt to any style of furniture.

A screen that plays with light and shadow is the Glas Italia Fragment, designed by Nendo. Made with extra-light crystal with a special checkered decoration that lets the light filter in.

2 Divide with colors

If you want a solution that doesn't physically divide the rooms, you can use an optical division.

You can then choose different colors or textures on the walls, to make the two areas optically divided.

You could divide entrance/conversation area or kitchen/dining area or other optical separations that will make your home more eye-catching.

This is a smart solution, which also makes the walls protagonists, such as in this room by DitreItalia, where the conversation area, with a simple solid wall color, is contrasted with an area with wooden walls.</p >

3 Separate with green

If you are a lover of plants and nature, two large pots can separate two areas. An excellent choice would also be to use a large, tall and voluminous decorative plant.

Choosing plants is an original idea and gives color and naturalness. If you can't take care of real plants, you can always choose beautiful artificial plants.

Cattelan Italia has separated the dining area with its Tyron Keramik, using two large pots with plants, a certainly ecological and natural choice.

4 Use open libraries

The new furnishing systems include open bookcases, without backs, which can therefore be used from both sides and which therefore allow the passage of light and the peek-a-boo effect.

There are different types of bookcases, the traditional ones, from the ground, usually tall and geometric, symmetrical.

Or the more modern ones, which are fixed to the floor/ceiling, thus allowing for a slimmer structure.

You can place books, vases, small plants on the shelves, they are custom designed, according to the your spaces and above all following your needs, such as the Airport bookcase by Cattelan Italia.

5 Carpets

An excellent idea to circumscribe the rooms is the carpet. Above all to highlight the conversation area, it encloses the sofas, the armchairs and any side table. Gan, in its catalog, offers many carpets that adapt to any style of furniture, designed by the best international designers.

After these 5 tips, I hope you have found the best solution for you.

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