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How to furnish the living area?

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In recent years, the trend of creating a single living area, an open space, has changed the way we furnish our homes. So let's read some advice proposed by our designers

As previously written, the trend of recent years is to merge two environments into a single room, thus creating a single room where you can cook and converse comfortably on the sofa.

Creating a single environment also allows for larger and brighter spaces.

Open space

The open space, free, without walls is a characteristic of modern homes.

We therefore advise you on how to furnish a living room, obtaining a modern, spacious, bright design space.

How to furnish an open space living room

The first thing to evaluate in an open space environment is the lighting understanding how to allow better lighting and not hinder it with unsuitable furnishings.</p >

Understanding where natural lighting comes from helps us position furniture well. For example, the TV area must be positioned not too close to the windows, consequently the sofa will be positioned in the ideal position to be able to watch TV.

The kitchen and dining area, on the other hand, will be the most illuminated part of the environment, because food preparation requires excellent light and attention.

All the furnishings inserted in the open space must obviously have a harmonious leitmotif between them, the environment must be continuous.

To be able to better manage the spaces, the use of screens can help you, which can screen the two areas. Excellent screens are the kitchen islands, double-sided bookcases, glass doors.

To best harmonize the environment, use neutral colors, such as beige, taupe, grays and whites. This way you can use one or two contrasting colors to create character.

Use contrasting colors on the accessories, carpets, lamps, paintings, cushions, in this way you can make it more personal and you can easily change the color by changing just a small detail of the environment.</p >

Artificially illuminate the open space

We have already evaluated natural lighting, but now we have to evaluate artificial lighting.

The first rule is to use light points from the same collection, with the same color temperature.
A suspension light must be set up on the dining table that can illuminate the whole table

In the sofa/TV area, instead, a warm, enveloping, soft atmosphere light is preferable

In the kitchen, on the other hand, food preparation must be illuminated by plenty of direct light. LED strips under the wall unit are ideal.

The table for the open space

After deciding, therefore, where to place the TV, the sofa, the kitchen and lighting the entire room, we can choose which table is more suited to our needs

Usually it is preferable to place a rectangular table, with a design structure that focuses the attention of the entire environment.

If instead the available space is square, you could choose a round, elegant, sophisticated table that creates harmony between the kitchen and the sofa.

After reading this small guide, we remind you to consult the other blog articles, in order to consult all our guides and be able to furnish your home with style.

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