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What are the design icons to give at Christmas?

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Design icons are products created by the best international designers, in this article we offer you a small selection that you can give as a gift at Christmas

Before seeing which design icons to give for Christmas, let's read together

Why is it good to include these design pieces in a home?

Design icons with their strong visual impact and their history can best characterize any environment;

they look good in the most diverse contexts in terms of style, architecture, function, location;

they can increase the value of the property especially if they are very famous and authentic design objects;

they create visual dynamism in the rooms, especially in those furnished with tone-on-tone finishes and colors that favor a monochromatic effect.

The furnishing accessories

Among the famous design objects for the home, you will mostly find complements, i.e. medium-small sized accessories such as lamps, storage cabinets, poufs, coffee tables, armchairs, etc.


These are essential elements in any room because:

they are essential to make the space practical and suitable for the most diverse activities;

they are used to furnish and complete the functional areas of each room;

they give character and emphasize the most diverse styles;

they make every environment, every furnishing project unique.

Every environment will never be welcoming, functional, beautiful, characteristic without precise furnishing accessories chosen ad hoc and studied in detail. And to really make a difference, we only recommend timeless elements, truly iconic ones, more or less famous but which are recognizable at first glance.

Giving a design object for the home

Famous designer items are also great gift ideas. In fact, there are now many people who, perhaps by taking advantage of specific, safe and also full of promotions and opportunities, make it possible to buy real iconic accessories for the home all year round.

Not only that, there are also many newlyweds who decide to donate, through their wedding favors, real design objects capable of embellishing the most diverse corners of any home.

Yes, because, even if they are eccentric objects, they can fit into the most diverse contexts, emphasize a genre, a nuance of covering, attract attention better than any other larger or showier piece of furniture.

The most beautiful and versatile design objects, those chosen here by the architect, can be defined a bit as the icing on the cake, they have that extra something that never hurts and that is indispensable for creating modern spaces and all yours. And if you want to make a great impression, choose them also as a gift idea to be exploited on the most varied occasions.

Timeless pieces that have made the history of design

What are the timeless pieces that have made the history of international design? There are so many noteworthy ones, those that are still timeless today, ideal for embellishing every corner of the house, but also of the office or shop.

These are accessories defined as modern antiques because they were designed and manufactured on average 20-40 years ago, but which are still avant-garde, versatile, precisely evergreen.

They mostly have decisive, eccentric or, on the contrary, hyper-minimal lines, they strike at first glance and remain impressed, they are unusual in their uniqueness.

Discover below all the most beautiful design objects ever selected for you, for your environments.

Eclipse Lamp of Artemis

Let's start with Eclisse by Artemide, a medium-small sized table lamp designed by Vico Magistretti and produced by the well-known Made in Italy company Artemide in 1965.

Today the complement is available in three color variants (red, white, orange) and mounts an 18 Watt bulb. But it is its design that is still current, ideal for modern but also more classic, Nordic or vintage rooms.

Eclisse di Artemide consists of a half-sphere base that supports another, an open globe with a light bulb; its peculiarity is the possibility, by means of a rotating base, of shielding the light by closing the metal spheres on themselves.

Nessino lamp by Artemide

The Nessino table lamp was designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and made by Artemide in 1967.

It is now available in different colors, opaque or glossy-transparent orange and white, the construction material is polycarbonate.

What is striking is its innovative shape still today, with a characteristic cylindrical base that supports the lampshade with four light bulbs inside. This conformation makes the luminaire particularly efficient as it guarantees the same brightness at every angle and with a standard socket cable and modern ON/OFF switch it also allows good energy savings.

Nessino by Artemide is ideal for the study, to be placed on the desk, or for the console in the living room, it is versatile and ideal in the most varied furnishing contexts, even very modern ones.

Bellhop lamp by Flos

The Bellhop table lamp produced by Flos winks at the retro models of the 60s and 70s, but was designed and built in 2018.

The designers who designed it are Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and to date it has already been considered a true icon of international design.

It is available in many color variations, even in different formats, it is a complement for indoors or outdoors and can be used in the most varied rooms. It has direct light, is rechargeable and has an autonomy of about 24 hours, the base and dome are in colored polycarbonate while the diffuser is in opal polycarbonate.

Rabbit baby chair by Qeeboo

The Rabbit Baby Chair is the smaller version of the Rabbit Chair, created by the famous designer Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 together with the entire Qeeboo capsule, a collection born with the intention of creating accessories for the new generations and with a minimal, fresh mood and versatile.

In fact, the shapes of the product are simple, essential and it is certain that everyone likes the Rabbit Chair and will remain among the most loved design accessories for many years to come. The structure is a single piece, has a shape that precisely resembles that of a bunny's body with ears and is made of polyethylene. It can be used outdoors and indoors and is available in an infinite number of different finishes, all with a matte finish.

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