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"During these hundred years of history and passion, VENINI has preserved and interpreted a unique artistic heritage, which has its roots in the Venetian culture of 1200, giving life to unmistakable works capable of blending together the profound knowledge of tradition with the charm of contemporary aesthetics. Recently this brand of excellence is part of the DAMIANI Group which with its creations promotes the profound values ​​of Made in Italy, Beauty and Savoir Faire at an international level. I am pleased that VENINI has reached this important milestone: a milestone that opens the doors to a new century of art and design, innovation and creative avant-garde. "
Silvia Damiani
President of VENINI and Vice President of the DAMIANI Group

The excellence of VENINI is the result of the special combination of the exclusive techniques of the Murano tradition, preserved by the wisdom of the most skilled glass masters, the experimental creativity of artists from all over the world and the choice of uncommon colors.
In the Fornace nothing is left to chance.

The high quality is the reflection of the constant search for perfection and the passion for innovation that characterize each phase of production, in a perfect balance between manual craftsmanship and daring creativity, far from fatuous passing fads.
Choosing VENINI means making your own a work of art of inestimable value, for culture, beauty and craftsmanship.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 113 items

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